010 Editor - The Professional Text/Hex Editor with Binary Templates

Easily edit any text file, binary file, drive, or process on your computer. Our unique Binary Templates technology allows you to view and edit complex binary data in an easy, intuitive way. Includes a whole range of powerful analysis and editing tools. 


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Text Editor

 Edit text files, Unicode and UTF-8 files, C/C++ source code, etc. Unlimited undo and powerful editing and scripting tools.

Hex Editor

 Unequalled binary editing performance. Edit any file of any size. Use powerful Binary Templates technology to understand binary data.

Disk Editor

Find and fix programs with hard drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, etc.

Process Editor

Investigate and modify memory from processes.

Why is 010 Editor so powerful?

Binary Templates - Hex Editing to a New Level

Unlike traditional hex editors which only display the raw hex bytes of a file (1), 010 Editor can also parse a file into a hierarchical structure using a Binary Template (2). The results of running a Binary Template are much easier to understand and edit than using just the raw hex bytes.

  • Binary Templates are easy to write and look similar to C/C++ structs except they may contain iffor, orwhile statements as well as functions or complex expressions.

  • Powerful enough to parse almost any binary file format.

  • Can be set to run automatically when files are opened.

  • Templates may be shared and a list of templates for download is available in our Template Archive.


Analysis Tools - Drill into your Data

A number of sophisticated tools are included with 010 Editor for analyzing and editing binary files:

  • Full Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files functionality for many different data types.

  • Powerful Binary Comparison tool for analyzing byte-by-byte differences between two files.

  • Use the Histogram tool to count byte occurrences and visualize data.

  • Computes Check Sum/Hash Algorithms including CRC-16, CRC-32, Adler32, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA-1, SHA-256, TIGER, etc.

Scripting - Automate your Editing

  • Simple or complex editing operations can be automated using a syntax similar to C/C++.

  • Features over 275 different functions for operating on data.

  • Integrated with Binary Templates to intuitively edit files. Simply assign to variables defined in a Binary Template to modify a file.

  • Scripts may be shared and a list of scripts for download is available in our Script Archive.

  • Run scripts from the command line with no user interface for batch processing.


...plus much more

  • Powerful Workspace view including file explorer.

  • Convert data between ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode, UTF-8, etc.

  • Inspector allows data to be quickly interpreted in different formats.

  • Mark important bytes using Bookmarks.

  • Full integrated expression calculator.

  • Apply Highlighting rules to identify bytes in a file.

  • Import or export data in Intel Hex Format, Motorola S-Records, Hex Text, C/C++/Java Code, Base64, Uuencoding, RTF, or HTML.

  • Printing with full print preview, headers, footers, and margins.

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010 Editor New User - Commercial Use
010 Editor New User - Home/Academic Use
010 Editor Upgrade/Maintenance - Commercial Use
010 Editor Upgrade/Maintenance - Home/Academic Use

Editing Files

  • Unlimited undo/redo for most operations (even inserting large blocks).

  • Multiple documents can be opened at the same time.

  • Optionally highlight current line while editing.

  • Open multiple views of the same file.

  • Can reopen all previously opened files when 010 Editor is restarted (v4.0).

  • Editor can be split into two parts. (v2.0)

  • Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to open files. (v1.1)

  • Drag and drop from Macintosh Finder to open files. (v3.2)

  • Cursor size changes in Insert/Overwrite mode. (v2.0)

  • Scrolling can be synchronized between windows. (v2.0)

  • Addresses can be displayed as hex, decimal, octal, line number, sector, or short number. (v4.0 updated)

  • Integrated with the Windows Explorer right-click menu for easy access.

  • Specify many options (font, endian, character set, etc.) automatically based on the file extension.

  • Use any font for editing.

  • Supports ASCII, ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, Unicode, Macintosh, plus International character sets. (v2.0)

  • Select all bytes or any range in the file.

  • Ruler for locating byte offsets.

  • Full support for Unicode filenames. (v3.0)

  • Set File Size, Insert Bytes, Overwrite Bytes, Insert File, or Overwrite File commands. (v3.0 updated)

  • Use Ctrl++ or Ctrl+- to enlarge or shrink the font. (v3.0)

Text Editor

  • Easy-to-use text editor with standard commands (cut, copy, paste, etc). (v3.0)

  • Can edit Unicode, UTF-8, or EBCDIC files. (v3.1 updated)

  • Support for huge text files (50 GB+). (v4.0)

  • Includes syntax highlighting for C/C++ files. (v3.0)

  • Support for indent/unindent with Tab/Shift+Tab. (v3.0)

  • Supports different types of linefeeds including DOS, Unix, Mac, plus Unicode linefeeds. (v3.0)

  • Supports word wrap at a specific column or the edge of the window. (v4.0)

  • Auto-detect, add and remove byte-order-marks (BOMs). (v4.0)

- Hex Editor

  • Easy-to-use hex editor with standard commands (cut, copy, paste, etc).

  • Unlimited file size and files are opened instantly.

  • Modified bytes are highlighted in the editor.

  • Division lines can be used to indicate blocks of data. (v2.0)

  • Sector lines are drawn to indicate sectors on a hard drive. (v2.0)

  • Edit data as hex, character, octal, binary, or decimal values.

  • Automatically choose number of bytes per row or use custom value (up to 1024).

  • Group bytes together by sets of 1, 2, 4, 8, or a custom value.

  • Visually swap bytes in the hex editor without modifying the underlying data. (v4.0)

- File Tabs

  • Tabs (including close buttons) for switching between files. (v3.0 updated)

  • Can have multiple groups of tabs plus a floating tab group. (v3.0)

  • Can drag tabs to reorder or drag tabs to other tab groups. (v3.0)

- Hard Drive Editing

  • Open entire logical or physical hard drives using 'File > Open Drive'. (v2.0)

  • Support for editing hard drives, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, memory keys, flash drives, etc. (v2.0)

  • Make disk images for drive using 'File > Save As'. (v2.0)

  • Jump to next or previous drive sector with Alt+Down, Alt+Up. (v2.0)

  • Get properties of the drive using 'Edit > Properties'. (v2.0)

  • Open hard drives from the command line. (v2.0)

- Process Editing

  • Open processes using 'File > Open Process'. (v2.0)

  • Select which heaps or modules to open. (v2.0)

  • Make image of process using 'File > Save As'. (v2.0)

  • Get properties of the process using 'Edit > Properties'. (v2.0)

  • Open processes from the command line. (v2.0)

  • List of current heaps displayed in 'Process' tab of the Output Window. (v2.0)

- Clipboards

  • Fast clipboard operations using the powerful 010 Editor data engine.

  • Often huge hex blocks can be copied or pasted instantly.

  • Supports the Windows clipboard plus 9 user clipboards.

  • Copy data as hex bytes, or paste from hex bytes.

  • Allows pasting in a variety of different formats with 'Paste Special'. (v1.3)

  • Easily export or import data from a variety of different formats using 'Copy As' and 'Paste From' (v2.1).

- Highlighting

  • Apply highlighting rules to easily identify bytes by color.

  • Built in highlights for linefeeds, non-ASCII characters, control characters, etc.

  • Specify custom highlights using sequences such as "0..5, 0x10, '\n', '\r'".

  • Multiple highlights can be applied at the same time using different colors. (v2.0)

  • Can apply highlighting rules to shorts (group of 2 hex bytes). (v4.0)

- Workspace

  • Easily keep track of all open/recent files.

  • Add files to a favorites list.

  • Locate files which currently have bookmarks.

  • Integrated File Explorer with history and filters.

- Inspector

  • Automatically interpret and edit data in a number of different formats.

  • Supports editing Bytes, Shorts, Ints, or Int64s (Unsigned or Signed) plus Float, Double, and String.

  • Many date formats supported including DOSTIME, DOSDATE, FILETIME, OLETIME, and time_t.

  • File can be parsed into variables easily using Binary Templates.

  • Can interpret data as a Unicode string. (v3.0)

  • Displays any bookmarks created for the file.

  • Displays a list of functions available when writing scripts or templates. (v3.0)

  • Custom data types can be added to the Inspector and existing data types can be reordered or removed. (v4.0)

- Calculator

  • Integrated expression calculator using C syntax (for example '0x100 + (191 << 8)').

  • Many operators supported including +, -, *, /, &, ~, ^, %, |, <<, >>, ?:, etc.

  • Variables and arrays can be used.

  • Includes calculator buttons for performing calculations using the mouse. (v3.0)

  • Over 275 integrated functions including Sin, Cos, Pow, Sqrt, etc. (v4.0 updated)

- Binary Templates

  • Easily parse binary files into a number of variables.

  • Templates are written using a syntax similar to C/C++.

  • Extremely flexible syntax allows virtually any file to be completely parsed.

  • Integrated source code editor with syntax highlighting.

  • Easily execute templates using the 'Run Template' section above each file. (v4.0)

  • Context sensitive help when editing templates. (v2.0)

  • When a variable is declared in a template, the variable is mapped to a set of bytes in the file.

  • File can be read or modified using the created variable.

  • Position mouse over a byte in the hex editor and a hint popup will display the variable at that position. (v2.0)

  • Variables can be edited using the Inspector, the Calculator, or a Script.

  • Use structs to parse data into a hierarchal structure.

  • Use if-else, for, or while when defining data structures.

  • Color and endian of variables can be specified.

  • Support for typedefs.

  • Support for bitfields. (v1.3)

  • Includes special bitfield mode for treating a file as a stream of bits (BitfieldDisablePadding). (v2.1)

  • Built-in support for a large number of data types.

  • Includes support for enums - shows a drop-down list of all values when editing. (v1.1)

  • Templates can be configured to automatically run when a file is loaded.

  • Sample templates included for ZIP, BMP, and WAV files (v2.0 updated)

  • Support for forward and recursive structures. (v1.1)

  • Specify hex, decimal, octal, or binary display for variables. (v1.3)

  • Read null-terminated or constant size strings.

  • Support for wide strings with 'wstring' and 'wchar_t'. (v3.1)

  • Run templates from the command line. (v2.0)

  • Online template repository for sharing templates. (v2.0)

  • Define your own custom functions (recursion supported). (v2.0)

  • Support for unions. (v2.0)

  • Use '#include' keyword to include files. (v2.0)

  • Support preprocessor directives #define, #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, etc. (v3.1)

  • Define your own custom data types by writing special read/write functions. (v2.0)

  • 'Jump to Template Variable' command to lookup a template variable from a file address. (v2.0)

  • Can define regular C-like variables using the 'local' keyword.

  • Add comments to the template results using <comment="">. (v3.1)

  • Comments can also be specified using a custom function. (v4.0)

  • Can pass arguments into structures. (v3.1)

  • Specify the initial open status of variables using <open=true|false|suppress>. (v3.1)

  • Hide template variables using <hidden=true|false>. (v3.1)

  • Easily export or import a list of templates. (v3.2)

  • Handle templates with millions of template variables with On-Demand Structures. (v3.2)

  • Template can now handle data split across multiple files. (v4.0)

  • Includes a tutorial on using Binary Templates. (v3.0)

  • For more information see Binary Templates.

- Scripts

  • Write mini programs using C syntax (similar to the Calculator).

  • Can modify any of the variables created in a Binary Template.

  • Can be used to control the interface, open files, close files, etc.

  • Integrated source code editor with syntax highlighting.

  • Easily execute scripts using the 'Run Script' section above each file. (v4.0)

  • Context sensitive help when editing scripts. (v2.0)

  • Use if-else, for, or while to control program flow.

  • Support for switch, case, break, and continue keywords. (v2.0)

  • Use '#include' keyword to include files. (v2.0)

  • Support preprocessor directives #define, #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, etc. (v3.1)

  • Use -noui to run 010 Editor without a user interface for batch files. (v3.1)

  • Special 'string' type included.

  • Support for wide strings with 'wstring' and 'wchar_t'. (v3.1)

  • Over 275 integrated functions for file manipulate, math, I/O, etc. (v4.0 updated)

  • Support for standard C Printf function with automatic type checking. (v4.0 updated)

  • Perform complex operations such as Compare, Find, Find in Files, Checksums, Import, Export, etc with script functions. (v2.0)

  • Run scripts from the command line. (v2.0)

  • Can pass arguments to scripts from the command line. (v3.2)

  • Can mark scripts to be run on startup, shutdown, or when certain files are opened. (v2.0)

  • Special keywords 'exists' and 'startof' for working with template variables. (v2.0)

  • New sample scripts for splitting or joining binary files. (v2.0)

  • Easily export or import a list of scripts. (v3.2)

  • Online script repository for sharing scripts. (v2.0)

- Bookmarks

  • Bookmarks can be used to flag a set of bytes in a file.

  • Created bookmarks are persistent (automatically saved).

  • A bookmark can be interpreted as a number of different data types or an array and edited using the Inspector.

  • Endian and color can be specified for each bookmark.

  • Bookmarks can now be defined using custom data types defined in Templates. (v2.0)

  • Bookmarks can be set to move when the cursor changes position. (v2.0)

  • Can use 'Toggle Bookmark' command to quickly set or unset bookmarks. (v3.0)

- Find and Replace

  • Search or replace by any of the supported data types (ASCII string, Unicode string, EBCDIC string, int, float, etc.).

  • Find or replace using a bar at the bottom of the editor. (v4.0)

  • Find All command displays all results in a table, highlights bytes in the main display, and displays a graph of where the occurrences are located.

  • Find All in text files lists the whole line where the occurrence was found. (v4.0)

  • Find Next or Find Previous commands.

  • Match case or whole word options for string searches.

  • Find by a numeric tolerance (i.e. +/- 0.0001) for float or double searches.

  • Pad with zeros option when replacing strings.

  • Replace All command, or interactively step through all possible replacements.

  • Search up or down.

  • Keeps a history of previous finds and replaces.

  • Can search with wildcards '*' and '?'. (v2.0)

  • Allow multiple find ranges to color the same file. (v2.0)

  • Use the Find Strings tool to locate strings in a binary file. (v4.0)

  • Can search for template variables using the Find Bar. (v4.0)

  • Can lock find/replace to a specified range. (v4.0)

- Find in Files/Replace in Files

  • Can recursively search a directory or all open files for a set of bytes. (v2.0)

  • Find in Files displays results in a table and includes a graph to indicate where the occurrences were found. (v2.0)

  • Can expand or hide results for each file. (v2.0)

  • Can use Replace in Files to make replacements across multiple files at the same time. (v3.0)

- Goto

  • Easy to use tool to jump to any address, line, sector or short in a file. (v4.0 updated)

  • Goto tool displayed as a bar below the editor for easy workflow. (v4.0)

  • Jump relative from the beginning of file, the current position, or the end of a file.

  • Goto again command which can be used for stepping through a file.

  • Keeps a history of previous Goto commands.

- Import/Export Data

  • Import or Export data in any of the following formats (updated v2.1):

    • Hex Text

    • Decimal Text (v1.2)

    • C/C++ Code

    • Java Code

    • Intel 8, 16, or 32 Bit Hex Codes

    • Motorola S-Records (3 types)

    • Base64

    • Uuencoded Data

  • Export data to any of the following formats (v2.1):

    • Rich Text Format (RTF)

    • Web Page (HTML)

    • Text Area

  • Can import files from the command line.

  • Drag and drop Intel Hex or Motorola files from Windows Explorer to import them. (v1.1)

  • Can automatically associate 010 Editor with Intel Hex or Motorola files. (v1.1)

  • Verify checksum when importing an Intel-hex file. (v2.0)

  • Can import multiple files at the same time. (v2.0)

  • Support for reading and writing Intel Hex files that use word-based addresses. (v2.0)

  • Support for importing or exporting date to or from the clipboard. (v2.1)

- Printing

  • Full print preview with zoom.

  • Set printing font and bytes per row.

  • Customizable headers and footers with many options.

  • Margin control.

  • Print the current selection.

- Compare

  • Powerful binary comparison tool based on enhanced Eugene Myers algorithm.

  • Simple and synchronizing comparison algorithms.

  • Displays results in a table listing matches and differences.

  • Displays a graph showing how the files match.

  • Highlights the two files to indicate which bytes match.

  • Specify minimum match length in bytes.

  • Quick Match option speeds up comparisons.

  • Match case option.

  • Tile files after comparison.

  • Keeps history of last compares.

  • Can limit which bytes are compared in a file (use to compare two regions in the same file). (v2.0)

  • Comparison results are sortable by clicking on the table headings. (v2.0)

  • Can enable synchronized scrolling after running a comparison. (v2.0)

  • Run comparisons from the command line. (v3.1)

- Operations

  • Performs a number of operations on the data

    • Assign, Add, Subtract, Multiple, Divide, Negate, or Modulus

    • Binary And, Or, Xor, or Invert

    • Set Minimum or Maximum Values (low-pass or high-pass filters)

    • Swap Bytes

    • Shift, Rotate, or Block Shift Left or Right

  • Operand step allows easy creation of arrays.

  • Operand skip for processing data in structures.

- Conversions

  • Conversion between ASCII and EBCDIC characters.

  • Conversion between ASCII and Unicode characters. (v2.0)

  • Conversion between a number of different international character sets. (v3.0)

  • Can convert linefeeds to different formats (e.g. DOS, Unix, Mac, etc). (v3.0)

- Checksum/Hash Algorithms

  • Supports the following algorithms:

    • CheckSum

      • Treat data as 8-bit unsigned bytes

      • Treat data as 16-bit unsigned shorts (v3.0)

      • Treat data as 32-bit unsigned ints (v3.0)

      • Treat data as 64-bit unsigned int64s (v3.0)

    • CRC-16

    • CRC-16/CCITT

    • CRC-32

    • Adler32

    • MD2

    • MD4

    • MD5

    • RIPEMD160

    • SHA-1

    • SHA-256

    • TIGER

  • Can exclude a set of bytes in the file from the checksum. (v2.0)

  • Can display the checksum results in hex or decimal format. (v2.0)

  • Can control what precision the checksums are displayed (8, 16, 32 or 64 bits). (v3.0)

  • Can customize the polynomial and initial value for CRC checksums. (v4.0)

- Histogram

  • Histogram tool calculates the number of each byte value in the file.

  • Histogram can treat data in the file as a number of different types (e.g. bytes, shorts, floats, etc). (v3.0)

  • Displays the results in a graph (use this tool to tell whether a file is compressed or not).

  • Control the min/max values of the histogram plus the number of buckets (intervals) generated. (v3.0)

  • All byte counts are displayed in a table that can be sorted by byte value or number of occurrences.

  • Run histogram on the whole file or a selection.

- Miscellaneous

  • Support for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000. (v3.1 updated)

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7. (v3.2)

  • Optional Startup page displays latest news, recent files, and tips. (v4.0 updated)

  • Most fields accept input in a variety of formats (for example):

    • "255" (decimal)

    • "ff,x" or"0xff" (hex)

    • "377,o" (octal)

    • "11111111,b" (binary)

  • Easy to use base converter for converting between hex, decimal, octal, binary, float, double, ASCII, Unicode, EBCDIC. (v2.0 updated)

  • Many colors and fonts are customizable. (v3.2 updated)

  • Open or mark files as Read Only.

  • Keep file time preserves timestamp when file is saved.

  • Open files from the command line - can also position cursor and make a selection while opening.

  • Perform replacements of strings or bytes from the command line (v2.1).

  • Use wildcard characters '*' and '?' to open multiple files on the command line. (v2.0)

  • Delete or rename files directly from the File menu.

  • Easy tool for E-mailing files as attachments.

  • Add custom tools to the Tools menu.

  • Shortcut keys can be customized.

  • Many windows are dockable.

  • Includes Insert Color and Insert Date/Time commands. (v3.0)

  • Specify the display format of many columns as hex or decimal (v1.2).

  • Display properties of the current file including timestamps.

  • Commands to delete or rename a file on disk.

  • Save Selection command to save selected bytes to a file. (v2.0)

  • Many tables have an 'Export CSV' option on right-click menu to write a comma-delimited file. (v2.0)

  • Extensive documentation with tips.

  • Easy registration system.

  • Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

  • Pentium processor

  • 64MB RAM


Name:    SweetScape
Website:    http://www.sweetscape.com/

Customer-Driven Approach

At SweetScape Software Inc., we believe our customers are the most important part of our business. We strive to develop great software for our customers - to make their lives easier. Working with our clients and providing great customer support is our highest priority. We recognize that no programs are problem free, but we are committed to working with our customers when problems do arise. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for our software. Your suggestions are very important to us and many improvements to our software have been designed based on feedback from our clients.

Quality Software

We take great pride in our products are we are constantly working to improve their quality. Writing well designed, well structured code has always been a high priority. This devotion means sometimes redesigning whole sections of our programs until they meet our high quality standards. We stand behind the software we write, that's why we of offer one of the longest guarantees in our industry (see Our Guarantee). We also have a strict anti-spyware and anti-adware policy (see our Privacy Statement).

Old-Fashioned Values

SweetScape Software Inc. was founded as a family-owned business in 2002 and has quickly grown to have customers in all six continents of the world including a number of Fortune 500 companies. We still believe in old-fashioned values, such as honesty and integrity, in every part of our business. The father and son team Lowell and Graeme Sweet started SweetScape with the aim to build great editing, programming, and Ham radio software. Lowell Sweet (VY2OX) has been a professor of mathematics at the University of Prince Edward Island for over 25 years and has been involved in Ham radio for over 40 years. Graeme Sweet graduated with a masters of computer science specializing in human-computer interaction and has many years of experience in writing professional software. SweetScape Software Inc. is currently located on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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