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nCircle Suite360 Intelligence Hub™ is the reporting and analytics platform for nCircle’s integrated auditing solutions. Suite360 Intelligence Hub aggregates the detailed information gathered by nCircle IP360, nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) and PCI scan results, utilizing advanced analytics to provide a comprehensive, unified, and enterprise-wide view of security and compliance.

nCircle solutions audit the entire information technology stack, discovering all IP-enabled devices on an enterprise network and continuously profiles their applications, services, vulnerabilities, and compliance status. Suite360 Intelligence Hub aggregates this detailed information and incorporates objective measurement and consistent risk scoring to provide flexible reporting for all audiences.

Suite360 Intelligence Hub is based on open standards, enabling easy integration of data from other enterprise applications, such as help desk, asset management, and SIM/SEM. Incorporating data from other enterprise applications reduces manual reporting and data consolidation efforts, improves operational effectiveness and delivers consolidated reporting for internal policy compliance, regulatory compliance and risk management.
Suite360 Intelligence Hub with screen shots

Suite360 Intelligence Hub aggregates continuous security and compliance intelligence and other enterprise data about a customer's global network for centralized risk analysis and compliance reporting

> Suite360 Intelligence Hub delivers reports for all enterprise audiences:
> CEO/Board of Directors – dashboards, trending, and risk analysis reports
> CISO/CIO – business unit comparison reports and accountability reports
> Audit/Compliance Team – compliance and regulatory-specific audit reports
> IT Operations – regulatory and internal compliance, configuration audit and file integrity monitoring reports
> IT Security – vulnerability and configuration audit reports

Suite360 Intelligence Hub aggregates data from nCircle solutions and other enterprise applications, providing a central location for dashboards, trending, and detailed actionable reporting. Suite360 Intelligence Hub’s advanced analytics prioritize remediation efforts based on problem severity and the business value of the asset, enabling organizations to make better decisions and focus resources as effectively as possible.

Suite360 Intelligence Hub integrates vulnerability and configuration data
Suite360 Intelligence Hub integrates vulnerability and configuration data from nCircle IP360 and nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager to provide a comprehensive, unified view of security and compliance across the global network.

Suite360 Intelligence Hub provides high-level dashboards
Suite360 Intelligence Hub provides high-level dashboards as well as detailed, actionable reporting. The report above shows a system configuration audit detail including account lockout settings, communication encryption settings, and password settings. nCircle solutions automatically gather these settings from all networked systems and then compare them with appropriate policies.

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