Webinar : Managing PCI Compliance With Tripwire

Nothing is more critical to information security than establishing and maintaining “known and trusted” configuration states for servers, network devices and databases. Even with that achieved, IT networks are porous and constantly shifting. The IT security solutions that protect them need continual connections to businesses that are highly dynamic and changeable.

Security Configuration Management is the end-to-end process that continually assures the integrity of security configurations and the information they protect. It connects your IT configurations to the initiatives and measures that matter to your business, continually protects information systems, and detects the issues and deviations that increase risk.

Continuous monitoring overlaps and provides insights across your operational security controls. It also improves threat awareness, and provides the foundation to correlate controls in a way that moves beyond defence of a single system.

The practice of continuous monitoring involves:

- Identifying your infrastructure,

- Keeping watch over it and the sensitive data it holds,

- Knowing its vulnerabilities,

-  And understanding the causal relationships between events and activities as they happen.

JOIN THIS WEBINAR AND learn how to use Tripwire's foundational security controls will help you identify and prioritize assets, identify risk threshold, determine monitoring frequency and report to authorizing officials

Join us for a webinar on

Event : Automated Continuous Monitoring with Tripwire Enterprise
Date : Friday April 11, 2014
Time : 3:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Registration Link : Click Here

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