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Software Asia offers a guarantee to you that we follow a fair pricing policy. None of the prices are "marked up". We do not guarantee the lowest prices in the world but when we are not able to compete on pricing with discount traders, we compensate you by offering you the best possible service and a Software Asia guarantee. In an attempt to meet your needs, we are open to discuss your pricing expectations and assure you that we will always present the best offer for you. 

Conventional Delivery
Software Asia maintains a stock of most of the product it represents which allows for prompt and efficient delivery. Software Asia delivers most orders for which products are in stock within 5 working days of receiving an order and a maximum of 10 working days for out-of-stock products. However, Software Asia will not be responsible for any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances. Products from certain suppliers including Microsoft, Adobe, etc.. may take longer. Please confirm availability and delivery schedules before confirming an order.

Electronic Delivery (ESD)
Software Asia now offers you the ability of using software within 24 - 48 hours of placing your order. In case of some tools, we offer delivery within 12 hours of receiving a firm order. You normally would download the media from a suggested location on either the Software Asia or the Software Publishers WEB site. Once your order is confirmed, you receive a license key that enables you to unlock the software and use it immediately. No shipping charges and no delays. Please enquire if the software product you require now has Electronic Delivery

Taxes & Duties
Software Asia does not accept responsibilities for all duties, customs, tariffs, taxes and other charges on all shipments.

Accounts Receivables
All software delivered to customers remains the property of Software Asia until full and final payment is received by Software Asia. Software Asia reserves the right to request for the return of the software if payment is not made as per agreed terms. An overdue interest at 2.5% per month will be charged on all overdue amounts.

Technical Support
While you are evaluating software products, you have access to the Software Asia technical support team. You may submit enquiries via the WEB or via email to When you have purchased products from Software Asia, you automatically have access to first line support from our Technical Support Team. The procedure for reporting issues is the same but may require you to provide registered user name, product name and serial number. When product related issues cannot be handled by our Technical team, these are forwarded to the product Vendor. Software Asia highly recommends that you license software publisher's technical support services by entering into their Maintenance or Subscription Plans that are available through Software Asia. Ask for Support Details when you buy any product from Software Asia.

Return Policy
If you are not entirely satisfied with a software you purchased from us, we offer a 30-day return policy subject to conditions outlined below. Kindly read the following carefully to ensure that your current order is eligible for the 30-day guarantee.

  • an evaluation (demo) was not available at the time you purchased this software.
  • the item you return is in a condition in which we can resell it, contains the original contents (including all documentation in good condition) and most importantly, the disk seals must not be broken.

    How does the 30-day Return policy work ?

  • Before you return an item you obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) by sending an email to our Customer Service and provide detailed information like your Order number, Product Name, Serial number, Member Code and Date of Purchase. You will receive an RMA# within 2 working days.
  • You display the RMA# on the outside of the returned package and your return shipment is received by us within 5 business days of the date the RMA# is issued
  • You return all manuals and products in good condition at your expense.
  • If the items you wish to return do not meet the above conditions, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or alternately, return the items to you without prior notice.
  • When we have received and accepted your returned item in good condition, you will be issued an in-store credit of your order invoice (excluding shipping charges ).
  • Your in store credit is valid for six (6) months from the date the RMA# was issued and your valid in-store credit can applied toward any future purchases made from Software Asia. (excluding shipping charges
  • If you return an item on a Net 30 term invoice, payment remains due on the total invoice and an in-store credit will be issued to you separately upon acceptance of your returned item. 

    Please contact our customer service department for details
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