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Help & Manual is a documentation tool and content management system for both single and multi-author editing.


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Easy like a word processor, yet much more powerful

Help & Manual is a documentation tool and content management system for both single and multi-author editing.

While it is as easy to use like a normal word processor, Help & Manual gives you the full power of a true WYSIWYG XML editor.

All the tools you need are at your fingertips in a single intuitive environment, and the program handles all the complex, technical aspects of the process for you. Instead of wasting countless hours "programming" your help you can focus all your energy on actually writing your documentation, so that all your working time is productive time.

Single source, multi-channel publishing

Single source is much more than just outputting exactly the same information to different formats. Help & Manual supports conditional and customized output features that enable you to include variant content versions for different output formats and purposes – all in the same project, no post-processing is required.

Intuitive working environment

Help & Manual´s working environment gives you all the formatting and editing features of a modern word processor, including dynamic styles and complex tables.

This is combined with powerful features for generating and editing help and documentation files, including full support for multimedia and complex modular projects.

Your projects are displayed and edited with the same hierarchical tree structure used by all Windows help formats. The editor and content tree view are combined in a single window. Editing topics and manipulating the structure of your projects is fast and intuitive.

Help & Manual handles all the complexities of help formatting and generation for you, letting you concentrate on the work of writing. But there is also extensive support for power users and experienced help authors. You can get under the hood and insert your own HTML code, change the code the program uses to generate your projects, manipulate topic and project templates and more. Help & Manual gives you the best of both worlds

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Help & Manual Multi-Channel Publishing

Windows help formats

Windows HTML Help (.chm) is the platform-specific format for all Windows applications including .Net. Help & Manual creates CHM files as well as MSHC, a special help format for integration into Microsoft VisualStudio.


The Webhelp publishing format includes a table of contents, keyword index and full-text search. Webhelp is context-sensitive and allows seamless integration into your website. This output format can be highly customized and supports jQuery pluginsfor animations of non-static content.

Adobe PDF

PDF output and print manuals are fully customizable with the bundled Print Manual Designer program: include a table of contents and a keyword index, automatic page referrers for links and cross-references, customized page layouts, headers, footers, page numbering, covers, introductions and more.

iPad Publishing

With the Apple iPad, e-books have become mainstream. Help & Manual publishes the the standard ePUB e-book format optimized for iPad, iPhone, the Nook Reader and other e-reading devices.

Conditional content in single-source projects

Single source is much more than just outputting exactly the same information to different formats. Help & Manual supportsmultiple table-of-content and build conditions on chapter, topic and text level.

Intuitive User Interface with Tabbed Editing

Help & Manual packs its powerful features in an easily-accessible and intuitive user interface. If you're comfortable with a modern word processor you'll feel at home right away. The familiar MS Office Ribbon interface makes it easy to find the functions you need, including all the specialized help authoring features that go far beyond what is possible in a word processor.

You can edit multiple topics at the same time in multiple tabs. This is great for working on groups of related topics without losing track of what you are doing. And your projects and tabs are re-loaded automatically next time you start the program.

Multi-user Editing, Team Authoring

Work on your project in a team. With Help & Manual Professional, multiple authors can work on the same project at the same time. No databases or additional server components are required. Help+ Manual locks the topics that users are editing, presenting them in read-only mode to other users until the first user is finished. This is the perfect solution for documentation teams with up to around ten authors.

Version Control

Store your projects in a version control system for additional security and the ability to roll back to earlier versions. Help & Manual Professional has active support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and 100% compatibles. Topics are checked out of the version control database automatically when you edit them and are checked back in again when you save. Manual check-out is also available as an option, and multi-user editing is also supported in combination with version control, of course.


Translation and localization are key in today's globalized markets. Help & Manual Professional projects are 100% XML and can be translated directly by tools like SDL Trados (configuration files are included). There are no export/import or conversion hassles, no additional tools are required.

Professional Toolkit Included

Help & Manual is much more than a help authoring program, it is a full suite of tools. Everything you need is included in the price, along with free support. You get a screen capture utility, a configurable source code syntax highlighter with support for 53 programming languages and custom languages, a specialized graphics editor with layers for enhancing and annotating screenshots, a QR code generator, a PDF layout editor, a report generator and more.

Styles + Templates: Full design control made easy

Help & Manual separates formatting and layout from content. You control your formatting with styles as you would in a modern word processor. Changing the style definition updates the formatting everywhere. Similarly, page layout is stored in "templates" that you apply to your project when you publish. The templates are fully-editable: changing the template changes the layout for the entire project.

For example, the PDF templates define your margins, headers and footers, page numbering, cover pages, table of contents, topic headings and much more besides. They can be edited with the Manual Designer PDF layout program included with Help & Manual and applied with a single click when you publish your project as a PDF. Changing the entire branding of your PDF is as simple as re-publishing with a different template.

One-click HTML layout with skins

Help & Manual brings you closer to the ideal of one-click layout and formatting: In addition to fully customizable HTML and PDF templates, Help & Manual also supports “skins” for HTML-based output.

A skin is a special file that contains all the templates, variables, styles and other components used for styling HTML output. You just select a skin when you publish to Webhelp or CHM to apply the layout stored in the skin to the output.

Skins can be edited just like projects and you can create your own skins by saving any project as a skin so that you can re-use its layout. Or you can let us do the work for you: Help & Manual comes with a set of attractive standard skins that you can apply to your projects with a single click.

Or you can get really advanced functionality with the Help & Manual Premium Pack add-on, which comes with 15 professionally-designed skins that include full source code, including a dedicated iPad skin with a stylish Apple-like design.

Name:    EC Software

SoftwareAsia is an EC Software partner. We offer first line technical support and dedicated customer service to customers who are looking to acquire EC Software's products.

EC Software develop professional tools for professionals, to help them write technical documentation. Their flagship product Help & Manual is an XML based, single-source authoring environment with unmatched ease of use. The tool creates online help in a variety of formats and PDF user manuals in one process, maintaining different content for every format.

SoftwareAsia sells and supports EC Software's products in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand and Indonesia.

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