Password Reset PRO

Password Reset PRO is an easy to deploy web based identity management portal for Active Directory and allows your employees to remotely self service a password change, password reset or account unlock.


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Password Reset PRO is an easy to deploy web based identity management portal for Active Directory and allows your employees to remotely self service a password change, password reset or account unlock.

Easy to deploy, no changes to AD, no DB installs, up and running in 10 minutes
>  PCI scan tested Web Based Self Service Portal designed for safe external use
>  ASP.NET Web Portal runs on IIS6/7, easy to deploy multiple portals for failover
>  Sensitive user data and admin functions stay AWAY from the Web Portal
>  Image-based ID enrollment, no user training- as easy to use as a banking website!
>  Give new remote users a temp password and let them self-service a permanent one!

Self Service Made Easy: Password Reset PRO's web based self service web portal allows remote & internal employee users to change forgotten, expiring or expired passwords, unlock locked out accounts and even change an admin-issued temporary password. The web based self service portal uses intuitive image-based authentication security similar to banking websites, making it simple for remote users to create & remember their portal logon ID.  Users are guided through the identity management portal by "activity wizards", providing simplicity for even the most technically challenged user. The web based self service portal can be accessed from the internet or LAN from any popular client OS and web browser.

Secure eCommerce-Style Architecture: Easy to deploy? You bet!! Built on ASP.NET and designed for secure external access, our product uses a "Two Tier" design architecture just like modern eCommerce websites. Deploy the web based self service portal on any extranet IIS server. Deploy the internal service application on an internal domain server. Configure a single port through your firewall for communication between the two servers. Sensitive system components and administrator access functions reside on the internal server separate from the external web self service portal, ensuring maximum perimeter security. Passwords and account info are only stored in AD, nowhere else. The tiered architecture also makes it easy to quickly move or rebuild the web portal, or deploy multiple web based self service portals behind a load balancer.  As an option, small environments can install everything on a single server.

Change Control and Security Friendly: No schema extending, databases or client deployments are required. User Passwords and sensitive domain data are *only* stored in Active Directory (unlike some other similar products). You'll find a very low change-control footprint with our product and you will be pleased with how easy it is to install & use. Designed by Active Directory architects and security experts, our employee self service solution blows similar competing products away with ease of installation, usability, security and integration. Try it today and see the difference!

Key Product Highlights: 

  • Modern ID Security Profiles: Password Reset PRO uses the modern "online banking" approach to portal identity creation and login. A user chooses a "memorable" security image and creates a matching security word to establish a secure ID login profile. Enrollment is fast, simple, and easy to remember. Password Reset PRO does NOT use out-dated "question-and-answer" security methods for identity creation / login since it is typically difficult for a user to remember- Resulting in help desk calls to reset their portal ID access. Your identity management product should reduce overall IT support overhead, not add to it!

  • Wizard Driven User Interface: ID Profile creation is "wizard driven" and easy to use for even the most non-tech end user. A returning user logs in to the portal by simply entering their NT Account Name + Security Image + Matching Security Word. Once the user is logged in, an "activity page" shows their account status and guides them through necessary activties such as changing / resetting a password or unlocking an account. Everything is made easy for the user, there is no guessing involved.

  • Admin Auditing: Daily web portal account activities are logged for SOX / HIPAA / GLB / PCI regulatory compliance needs. In regards to specific PCI compliance requirements, a reason must be entered by the user when unlocking their account via the portal. An unlock account alert is sent to the administrator in real time with the reason data, and is also captured in the daily logging. An admin can see which domain users have not yet enrolled in the portal, reset a user portal ID and ban accounts from using the portal.

  • Company Branding: Customize the web portal logo banner, browser title bar text, global footer and other specific messages in the portal to your company's needs. Your users will feel like they are using a company-developed system vs. a 3rd-party software product.

  • Designed for External Deployment with Two-Tier Security: Deployment of the self service web portal is simple and requires minimal change control planning. The web portal can be deployed on a non-domain DMZ web server (Extranet), and connects to the internal service server (Intranet) via a single encrypted port. Port connectivity uses an RSA authentication handshake, and communication between web portal server and internal service server is blowfish-encrypted. All components can be installed on a single server for use in smaller environments if neccessary.

  • No Externally Stored Data, No Exposed Admin Access: All sensitive user data resides in Active Directory only, and portal administration is managed through a separate internal secure application. No user account data or passwords are stored on the web front end portal server, registry or extra databases, ensuring ultimate web perimeter security.

  • Unique "Works Anywhere" Architecture: No schema extensions or modified client GINA deployments are required. SQL is not needed. Web portal access is 100% web-based and accessible by any OS / web browser.  If your company is under strict change control guidelines, has a mixed OS or older domain environment and needs the ultimate in product flexibility, you'll greatly appreciate Password Reset PRO.

  • PCI Scan Tested: The front end web portal has been developed to pass strict PCI compliance external scan testing.

Product Name Price Qty
Password Reset PRO Permanent - 100 Users License with Annual Maintenance
Password Reset PRO Annual - 400 Users License with Annual Maintenance

Ultra-reliable and well supported self service software created by a team of Active Directory experts- Don't trust your important enterprise application needs to "outdatedware" and products that require expensive infrastructure changes such as extending the schema, custom client dll installs, etc. Keep it simple, do it right the first time and reap the rewards- Go Password Reset PRO!

Password Reset PRO is the only web self-service & employee identity management solution offering such a robust modern set of features and ultra-simple deployment:

  • Allow new user to change temporary password (change password on next logon) 

  • Change expiring password, or reset an expired / forgotten password

  • Unlock account in PCI-compliant manner

  • Wizard-guided profile enrollment and change password / unlock account activities

  • User can request administrator assistance via web contact form in the self service portal

  • Brand self-service portal with your company name / logo, and set custom user messages

  • Enforce domain password complexity requiremements when user changes password

  • PCI scan-tested web portal assures you will pass quarterly PCI perimeter scans

  • No schema changes to Active Directory, no MSGINA client deployments, No SQL installs

  • Uses Active Directory as the database and uses native Active Directory security functions

  • All user data and passwords are ONLY stored in Active Directory, nowhere else!

  • No "admin pages" on Web Portal ensures ultimate perimeter security for external use 

  • Easy to install, can be tested silently in your live domain without disturbing any users

  • Can be deployed in a two-tier (two servers) or single-tier (single server) architecture 

  • User portal is 'personalized' to each logged-on user by name and account status

  • Easily support "problem" change password policy users (OWA, VPN, Contractors, Mac, Linux)

  • Receive daily detailed audit report via email of all account activities on the portal

  • Receive real-time admin alerts on specific events such as acount unlock (PCI compliant)

  • Web Portal activities are written to Windows event log for capture by monitoring software

  • Web portal is built on ASP.NET / AJAX 2.0 and runs as a standard web application on your IIS6/7 server, with simple external publishing of portal access via HTTPS. Support the web portal as easily as any regular data-driven ASP.NET website

  • Internal back-end secure service runs on a domain member server (2003 / 2008 x86 & x64) and can be deployed completely separate from the public web portal

  • Communication between the web portal and back-end service is 128-bit encrypted and uses an RSA key pair for connectivity, ensuring extremely high security.

  • COMING SOON: Sharepoint plugin. Run the ID management portal directly in MOSS!

  • COMING SOON: iPhone and Mobile Device access!

  • COMING SOON: Multi-language support packs for the web portal

  • Front-end Web Portal application requires IIS6 or IIS7 and .NET framework 2.0

  • Back-end Master Service application requires .NET framework 2.0 and a domain server

  • Installs on Windows 2003 / 2008 (x86 or x64), runs as a native 64-bit app on x64

  • Web Portal application can be installed on the same domain server as the Back-End Master Service application (Single Tier architecture), or on a separate non-domain DMZ web server for enhanced perimeter security (Two Tier architecture)

  • You must have administrator rights in the domain and on the local server to install and configure Password Reset PRO

  • You must use an elevated-credential domain account to run the Back-End Master Service. Typically, Domain Admin rights are required since the Master Service must be able to read / write to all domain user accounts that will accesss the Web Portal. This requirement is similar for other enterprise-level application services such as Exchange or other Enterprise management software

Name:    SysOp Tools

SysOp Tools Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA 90067


SysOp Tools is a privately held US corporation located in Los Angeles, California and is a recognized global provider of systems management, security and auditing software solutions for Microsoft-based enterprises. Our main office is located at 1880 Century Park East, Los Angeles CA 90067. All business, development and support operations are 100% USA based.

Our software solutions are developed in-house and field tested by experienced Windows Active Directory Engineers. The tools we provide to our customers have evolved into existence through years of hands-on systems engineering, administration and business experience. Simply put, we only release to you what we feel confident using ourselves on our own critical systems.

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