Keeping your Remote Workers (digitally) Secure

With remote working now recommended or mandated by governments across the globe due to COVID-19, many companies are suddenly being faced with setting up telecommuting infrastructure within their organizations. Unfortunately, by rushing setup or by asking employees to make their own arrangements, security concerns could become rampant. Not only can some software leave a computer… Continue reading Keeping your Remote Workers (digitally) Secure

Space Code Reviews in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1

JetBrains’ Space makes it easy for you and your team to review code, and discuss changes. You can request a review from one or more team members after the changes. When working on a feature branch, you can merge it back into the base branch, right from Space. Code reviews and merge requests can be… Continue reading Space Code Reviews in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1

Introducing the IntelliJ IDEA Guide

The IntelliJ IDEA Guide has 50+ tips, and some tutorials, which are all organised by technology and topic. The Guide is made for the community, so we intend it to be an open-source project. It’s in GitHub, and has a Markdown-based contribution format. We also have Guides from other products, both deployed and on the… Continue reading Introducing the IntelliJ IDEA Guide

[Update] AdminStudio 2021 Now Released!

Flexera has just announced the new release of AdminStudio 2021! With the new release, you can easily integrate into your existing package request workflows. While this may traditionally involve a simple service desk ticket, in the modern era of interconnectivity, it’s important to make technology work together simply and seamlessly—in this case, through a documented… Continue reading [Update] AdminStudio 2021 Now Released!

Why Security Monitoring?

Security monitoring is beginning to change in the field of Information Technology. Companies can now see more about the activity on their networks than they ever have before. Here at Holm Security we do not only monitor, but give our customers comprehensive reports on risk factors as well as providing solutions to the problems that… Continue reading Why Security Monitoring?

5 Steps to Successful Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is a cornerstone in a modern cyber security defense. But getting started and implementing a successful security strategy for Vulnerability Management can be challenging. Here is our checklist to help you become successful.