An all-in-one collaboration solution that provides a toolset for instant communication, software development, and team and project management.
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Full data synchronization across the platform helps eliminate information duplication, unnecessary notifications, and context switching.

Unify access management

Define a team once and use it everywhere. When you add teams to projects, every team member gets access to all project resources.

Add the whole team to a meeting, create a team chat, or include the team with an @mention in chat messages.

Minimize distraction

Get notified in your Chats when a code review or an issue is updated, a document is shared, or you’re invited to a meeting. Respond or react to the notification in Chats, or add it to your to-do list.

Stay focused on what’s important to you with notifications grouped by types and a configurable home view.

Maintain a work-life balance

Space keeps track of your present status, planned absences, working hours and time zone, making sure your colleagues can see when they can reach you.

It also mutes your notifications when you’re unavailable so you won’t be disturbed on vacation, or during a meeting.

Embrace an open culture

Space will help you adopt an open company culture with its flexible permission configurations.

The self-service philosophy used in Space means you can start new projects quickly and without having to involve your IT team. You can invite your whole team or individual members to participate in projects.



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